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Pat Boone Talks About Federal Spending


Today the public and the media are caught in a deceptive web of contradictory disinformation about inflation, a trap of trickery spread by governments, political partisans, ideologues and pundits to further their own objectives as the 2012 elections approach.

American citizens know that rising inflation can be hazardous to our economic health, so why do politicians and central bankers keep printing reckless amounts of paper money, knowing the catastrophe this can cause?

“The answer is that inflation is many things in addition to devaluation of the currency,” writes Craig R. Smith, businessman and author of CRASHING THE DOLLAR and THE INFLATION DECEPTION: Six Ways Government Tricks Us… And Seven Ways to Stop It!

“Inflation is literally becoming a new kind of governance,” an “INFLATOCRACY,” Smith explains, “that imposes its own sinister rules and alternative values quite different from those of America’s Founders.”

Mr. Smith reveals six major hidden government uses of inflation that are driving a fast-approaching tidal wave of price inflation that could sink our economy and the U.S. Dollar, and plunge our world into conflict and chaos.

THE INFLATION DECEPTION explores the historic root causes and problems of inflation in nine of its chapters, and in the remaining three chapters offers at least seven potential ways people can turn our impending economic and personal collapse around.

A decade ago, Mr. Smith announced the beginning of today’s long-term bull market in commodities, like oil and gold, which rise on dollar weakness. So far oil and gold prices are up 300-400%, but according to THE INFLATION DECEPTION the BIG rises in commodity prices still lie ahead.

Smith and co-author Lowell Ponte explain why our leaders are purposely CRASHING THE DOLLAR — which will make precious metals the most reliable money to preserve value… and the world’s “ultimate currency.”

All these inflation manipulations are revealed in detail in THE INFLATION DECEPTION: Six Ways Government Tricks Us… And Seven Ways to Stop It!

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