Future of Money

Preparing for a Global Currency Collapse

Our once great nation and economy is about to hit a wall. “Today public confidence in more than 200 paper (fiat) currencies worldwide is hanging by a thread,” Craig R. Smith wrote in 2010.

I wish I had better news today, but you know I pull no punches, and neither does Craig Smith. You are about to finally understand the impact of “financial repression”, then discover how to restore both national and personal economic freedoms.

After writing four important books accurately predicting the future of Gold, Oil, the Dollar and Inflation, in this interview we will cover the heart of his next book and vision to prepare America for an event never seen before in world history.

* This interview is critical for every American to hear!

Mr. Smith has been ‘right on the money’ accurately forecasting economic and tangible asset trends for thirty years. I expect 2012 will be no different.

* Here’s a sample of the economic questions we cover:

* Americans 4 major concerns: faith, family, finances, the future?
* Secret inflation used by government to purposely crash the dollar?
* Will trillions in government stimulus create inflation in 2012?
* Why was 1971 such a watershed year in U.S. economic history?
* What must we learn from Chinese history about paper money systems?
* What will a global currency collapse look like? Barter? E-Money?
* A Free Market approach to health care and social security reform?
* Why good politics and good economics simply do not mix, until…