The Truth About Money – Free Offer

Americans are losing hope in the economy because we have violated biblical economic principles for nearly a century.

“DEBT is destroying the country from within, like a fiscal cancer,” warned the co-chairman of President Obama’s Debt Commission.

Sadly, we’ve allowed our leaders to postpone the consequences by heaping trillions in new debt upon future generations. Heck, even my grandkids understand that “debt” cannot also be “money!”

THE TRUTH: America is now broke! Our currency system has degenerated from; “IOU gold and silver” to “IOU nothing but debt”. Today the world still falsely believes the U.S. dollar is “money”, but for how much longer?

Modern banking and currency systems are all patterned after the Babylonian system (circa 2,000 B.C.) which contradicts Scriptural economic principles. This “debt-based” money usurps godly “just weights” money by creating false confidence in money substitutes, which historically all become worthless.

The world’s terminal financial condition should not surprise anyone (clue: the words “debt” and “death” share the same root.) Man-made systems must fail to restore trust in a healthy godly system. Good stewardship requires believers embrace the only “money” specified in Scripture: silver and gold.

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Swiss America and I would like to help you understand: Why the biblical economic model includes gold, silver, land and livestock? … What percentage of assets should be invested in metals? … How can your retirement plan be converted to a Precious Metals IRA? … and much, much more.

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